some of my stories

A novel

An inexorable odyssey into the American psyche in the Mojave Desert.

"The writing is crisp and well done with a richness in language and imagery. This is a definite must read" - P.S. Dunn, The Wheels of Fire.

"In some ways the style is evocative of the Kerouac era, many moons ago." - Mark Frankel, Brief Encounters, A Collection of Short Stories.

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I'm currently working on:

A collection of short stories, currently titled "Between the Waves". Some of the stories have turned out really paired back like Hemingway's writing, whereas others have a more flowing, colloquial style like Tim Winton's style. Stories currently include: "Between the Waves", "Paul Kelly Was My Dad", "A Night in McNamara's Hut", "The Sunset" & "A Week With Veronica Pullman".

A literary novel: "The Three Lives of Shinichiro Yakimura". A story about a Japanese orphan that grows up in the Australian foster system, lives on the streets then reinvents himself as a successful businessman with a dark secret.

A hardboiled noir novel: "Sucker Punch Republic". Set in Melbourne, Australia.

short stories

Harder to write, easier to read.

These stories often begin as conversations with myself while I'm out walking. Each story reveals it's own mood and tone, and as an old priest would say, "I'm just the vessel for the words". The comparisons to other authors are not mine - they were made by early readers, and included as a guide.

Between The Waves

Read this if you like Tim Winton

A group of kids meet on holiday and form a surf gang and get back together as adults.

The Sunset

Read this if Hemingway is your bag

Two mates meet in the pub after work and set the world straight. Again.

Paul Kelly Was My Dad

Read this for a bit of George Saunders

A young boy in the late 1980s trying to find his place in a world with no dad.

A Night in McNamara's Hut

This was the first short story I wrote.

Two men go walking in the Victorian High Country and spend the night in a hut.

Underneath the Hawthorn Tree, the Falcon and Me

A memoir. The only one I've written.

Four boys discovering the world and their places in it on the way home from school. In truth, the Falcon was a Cortina.

The Three Faces of Shinichiro Yakimura

Man sees girl. Man watches girl. In a bar. What could go wrong? This story became the basis for a novel I'm working on.